Thought Leadership

At NDA our experts stay abreast with the evolving environment and the new regulatory requirements that it gives rise to. One of the results of these activities is a stream of articles, commentaries and white papers that we publish for the benefit of our clients and followers. It captures the state of the art of our industry today.

We call it Thought Leadership.

Articles and White Papers



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NDA Webinar: Optimise your interactions with European Regulatory Agencies

In this webinar Dr Roz Cox discusses the opportunities for interacting with European Regulatory Agencies, and how to optimise these interactions

NDA Webinars Project Orbis: What you need to know

In this webinar our Senior Consultant and Project Orbis Lead, Claudia Reichle provides a closer look at Project Orbis and discusses what you should think about if you are offered the possibility to take part.

NDA Webinars UK Regulatory Landscape post Brexit

In this webinar, Dr Thomas Lönngren and Patrick Mumo provide early initial insights into the changing UK regulatory landscape post brexit as the industry continues to adapt.

Expedited regulatory pathways: EU and US approaches

What you have and what you want decides which tool to use – insights into the expedited regulatory pathways in the EU and US

European Regulatory Meetings – how best to prepare and perform

In this article, NDA’s Steffen Thirstrup discusses three important factors to help you prepare for high stakes meetings with EU Regulators.