Our Experts

At NDA we’re a team of experts – experts in the regulated disciplines, and experts in drug development.

Some of us have attained our experience from working inside regulatory authorities, carefully assessing the benefits and risks of new treatments. Some of us have worked for years in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, patiently developing life changing products for patients suffering from debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases and conditions.

Whatever our background, we share a passion for the art and science of drug development and for making a difference to the clients and the patients we ultimately serve.

Get to know the people behind the passion – read more about our incredible team below.


Dr Arno Kromminga

Advisory Board Member
Expert in immunogenicity and regulated bioanalysis

Dr Björn Carlsson

Advisory Board Member
Expert in non-clinical development and ATMPs

Dr Jenny Sims

Advisory Board Member
Expert in non-clinical safety strategies

Dr Kurt Stoeckli

Advisory Board President
Expert in biopharmaceutical R&D strategy and operational management

Dr Laura Inés Salazar-Fontana

Advisory Board Member
Expert in biologics, including biosimilars and ATMPs

Dr Margarida Menezes Ferreira

Advisory Board Member
Expert in the strategic orientation for ATMP development

Dr Olca Huijsmans

Senior Consultant
Expert in regulatory strategy for Phase I-IV drug development

Dr Paula Salmikangas

Advisory Board Director
Expert in biological medicinal products

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