The pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a period of disruptive innovation. A lot of new technologies and products are under development, going through a regulatory process and will sooner or later hit the market facing the challenges of pricing and reimbursement. These new landmarks are caused by a better understanding of diseases on a molecular level and are putting pressure on the evidence generation needed when facing pricing and reimbursement bodies.

Regulators and payers are looking at the same set of data, but with different aims at doing so. The main purpose for the regulators is to establish the benefit versus risk, while cost‐effectiveness is an important part of HTA which is intended to help decisions makers establish the new product’s value for money.

In this webinar, Steffen Thirstrup and Carole Longson bring out the different viewpoints between the regulatory assessment and the HTA to guide you in how to best prepare for a positive outcome in both assessments.


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The Authors

Dr Steffen Thirstrup


Professor Carole Longson

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