The JP Morgan week in San Francisco in the early days of the New Year, known to some simply as “The Circus”, is one of the highlights of the year for those of us working in the life science industry. This is a week when drug developers, business folks, and investors get together to compare notes, strike deals, do business, and make new connections.

In this short series leading up to the event itself, members of the NDA Group talk about their favourite aspects of the week and the reason that they keep coming back for more!


Having attended the JPM week and the Biotech Showcase many years running now, Barbara Clendenen, Director of BD US, is a veteran of the event. Over the years she’s met hundreds of people across an equally impressive number of companies as they’ve looked for clinical and regulatory solutions or for something to invest in.

Says Barbara: “The Biotech Showcase is a truly remarkable opportunity to check the pulse of the industry and to see what’s hot – and what’s not. During last year’s event, the emergence of trials leveraging the micro-biome was one of those observations that I’ve seen so many examples of throughout 2018.”

Over the last few years, many of the industry shaping mergers and acquisitions, as well as many of the industry driving scientific trends have been unveiled or clearly demonstrated at the event.

“If you keep your eyes peeled and listen in on the presentations at the Biotech Showcase you really have an opportunity to foresee the immediate future of biotech and the life science industry. I think that’s what I love the most about this event. That and the off-hour receptions of course. New science and cocktails – what can beat that?”

If you are attending the JPM week please share with us your reasons for attending!


Barbara Clendenen

BD Director

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Thomas Lönngren

Strategic Advisor

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Johan Strömquist


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