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Don't miss our  great speakers sharing their knowledge in different forums throughout the conference:

Brian Edwards – Principal Consultant

Wednesday, July 1st, Oral Poster Presentation -#CHR 102: Skills, Communication and information in Pharmacovigilance – Oral Poster Presentations

Dr Mira Pavlovic – HTA Expert, NDA Regulatory Advisory Board member

Tuesday, June 30th, 13:00 - 14:00, Session title:#S0407 L: Drug Assessment for Regulatory and HTA Purposes: Similarities and Differences, the Way Forward. Track:04: Value-Access.

This session will explain similarities & differences about regulatory and HTA requirements to support product authorization and access to market, as well as the concept of added therapeutic benefit both from regulatory and HTA points of view.

Prof. Beatriz Silva Lima – Non Clinical Expert, NDA Regulatory Advisory Board member

Wednesday, July 1st, 18:00 - 19:15, Session title:#DL04 SL: Industry - Regulator Dialogue: Tailor-made Regulatory Guidance for Non-clinical to Clinical Development. Track:01: Clinical Trials.


i) First in human programs
Since the implementation of the new revised EMA Guideline on strategies to identify and mitigate risks for first-in-human and early clinical trials with investigational medicinal products, there has been an interest as to the response by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Would the guideline be interpreted as too conservative and force companies to conduct FIH studies in non-EU geographies? EFPIA conducted a survey among 12 member companies with 54 FIH studies.

ii) Programs in Severe Diseases/Conditions
For a small number of severely debilitating or life-threatening (SDLT) diseases/conditions, regional guidance’s exist encouraging the use of “ICH S9-like” approaches. A lack of incentives for drug developers to engage into costly development may lead to unclear prospective. This session item will address a harmonized and focused approach on development options for SDLT indications to reduce resources to start early clinical development, to bring innovative medicines to patients faster.

Panellist: How has the New EU Guideline Changed the Conduct of First in Human Trials in Europe

Speaker: Beatriz Silva Lima, NDA Group, Advisory Services

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Dr Brian Edwards

Principal Consultant


Dr Mira Pavlovic

Advisory Board Member

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Beatriz Silva Lima

Advisory Board Member

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