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Over the past 20 years, PharmApprove’s pioneering approach to strategic, regulatory, and scientific communications has produced a winning record for our clients. Successfully steering companies through high stakes meetings is our longstanding specialty.

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When developing a new therapeutic product, effective communication with your regulatory agency is critical, especially coming up against those key developmental milestones. Different jurisdictions have different procedures or requirements that you need to adhere to and therefore prepare for.

Product approval is ultimately determined by the data demonstrating a positive benefit-risk ratio related to product safety, efficacy and quality for use in a specific indication. That said, appropriately preparing for milestone meetings with your regulatory agency can mean the difference between a timely product approval and costly delays. 

PharmApprove is an integral part of NDA Group and our team of communications strategists and coaches, regulatory and HTA experts, and presentation/technology specialists bring critical skills and expertise to help you succeed. We have a passion for helping scientists communicate clearly, confidently and persuasively in order to give your product the best possible chance for success.






Cathleen McNulty 

Executive Director



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