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Innovation in biopharmaceutical drug development is often driven by small, alert biotech companies, taking a new therapy all the way through to commercialization for niche indications. However, due to size and focus, a start-up typically does not have the in-house experience to navigate complex regulatory processes to meet the requirements to get to the market.

The farther into the development process you take your candidate, the more complex and costly the process becomes, in part due to regulatory requirements. A wide stretched approval and review time might even put your candidate down for good. 

As a member of the NDA Accelerator your company gets access to exclusive and affordable services, thought leadership and training with the unmatched quality required by a small biotech.

At the NDA Accelerator there is something for everyone, but if you are a small biotech you will find there are more perks for you than for anyone else!

Our Micro and Small memberships are loaded with access to affordable expert advice, regulatory support and training. And all these options are the results of carefully listening to the biotech community to understand how we can best help catapult the latest innovations into the hands of the physicians and patients that need them.

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